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Offering energy upgrades and retrofits to existing HVAC plant. Qey work with Ziehl-Abegg and Carel to supply cost-saving and energy-efficient retrofit solutions in the UAE and the Middle East

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AHU Plug Fan Retrofit Upgrade

Our Air Handling Unit Plug Fan Upgrade package is one of our main initiatives currently being offered.

A Plug Fan retrofit consist of removing the existing belt drive AC fans and installing multiple plug fans in an array into an existing AHU.

This creates multiple advantages:

  • An energy saving of 30-40%
  • Increased life span of the AHU
  • Redundancy during a fan failure
  • Lower Noise
  • No maintenance costs (no belts, pulleys or grease)
  • A measurable return on investment
  • Improved air quality due to plastic composite impellers being utilized

In the Middle East region, we aim for 3-5 years return on investment, where energy savings achieved will offset the cost of the full project. Anything after this, is a cost saving.

We don’t just supply the fans; we design, install, project manage and commission the fans to existing design requirements, including any Controls that are required.

Chiller EC Fan Retrofit

Our Chiller fan upgrade solution is a very simple and quick retrofit solution that offers many benefits, with an energy saving of between 30-40%

The solution is best conducted on old Chillers that utilize On/Off fans according to a discharge pressure switch.

The benefits of the Chiller retrofit package are as follows:

  • The new EC Axial fan will modulate according to the Chiller load, reducing energy at part loads
  • A more stable discharge pressure, further adding to energy reduction on the compressor
  • Increased even airflow across the whole condenser coil
  • A modern, efficient motor and fan impeller design, manufactured from modern composite material
  • Noise reduction at all speeds compared to an AC motor
  • Increased lifespan of the fans

A Chiller condenser fan retrofit can be offered as a package which includes a simple pressure speed controller that fits to the existing Chiller pipework. The job can often be completed in 1 day with minimal downtime.

Electrostatic Filter Retrofit

Our Electrostatic filter retrofit solution with our partner, Sabiana, replaces traditional bag filters in air handling units (although they can be added to other systems). The solution consists of removing the existing bag filter from the unit and installing a new frame and filter cell, that uses electrostatic energy to filter tiny microbes with an efficiency of up to 97%.

As well has very high filtration rates, the other main advantage is a large decrease in energy consumption of the Air Handling Unit fans. This makes it perfect for combining it with our EC Plug Fan upgrade.

An overview of the benefits are as follows:

  • 70% reduction in AHU pressure drop versus traditional bag filters, allowing Energy saving potential
  • 97% Filter efficiency, capable of filtering 0.01 um Nano particles
  • Filters multiple types of microbes and bacteria including viruses such as coronavirus
  • Proven tests of filtering 88% of E.coli particles, allowing for a benchmark for other types of particles
  • Allows reduction in fan speed for the same airflow, hence saving energy consumption
  • Because they are washable, there is no requirement to change or replenish filters

Electronic Expansion Valve Retrofit

Electronic Expansion Valve upgrades consist of removing the existing mechanical Thermal Expansion Valve from the system and installing a modern Electronic Expansion Valve.

This allows for much more precise control of the refrigeration parameters giving many benefits over a mechanical valve due to utilizing an electric motor to drive the valve at a higher range of motion.

An overview of the benefits are as follows:

  • A reduction in discharge pressure allowing for immediate energy cost savings
  • More stable control conditions allowing for energy savings at equipment components, such as compressors
  • Automatic system optimization as opposed to mechanical calibrating a TEV
  • An overall energy reduction of 20-30%

IT Cooling EC Fan Retrofit

Data Centres are one of the most energy consuming parts of a building. Because the servers need to run 24/7, 365 days a week, so does the IT cooling equipment. This means there are many opportunities to reduce energy by upgrading older existing components.

One of the main disadvantages of older IT cooling units, is that the fans run at a fixed constant speed. By simply changing the AC fixed speed fan to a higher efficiency EC fan, means that the fan speed can vary according to the IT load throughout the day.

An overview of the benefits are as follows:

  • The fan will vary it speed according to the IT load, saving energy at low demand periods
  • The EC motor is more efficient than an equivalent AC motor
  • A modern impeller design contributes to lower energy consumption
  • By lowering fan speeds, noise will reduce
  • An increased lifespan of the equipment

The low cost of this upgrade is often surprising and can be offered in a simple package. Return on Investment figures of 1 year, is not uncommon.The first step is visiting the equipment and conducting a free energy analysis to propose the correct solution.

Controls Optimization

Controls Optimization can often be a simple upgrade to existing HVAC equipment. This can actually be as little as optimizing the controls that are currently installed or ensuring correct set points are being maintained. Our Controls Optimization solutions are also used in combination with our other retrofit solutions, allowing our clients to have the piece of mind that the controls will be matched correctly to the specific retrofit.

Controls Optimization can also be the addition of extra microprocessors, control devices or sensors, to fine tune the condition of environment or space.

This can include the following:

  • Supply of new, modern microprocessor controls and sensors
  • Addition of Fan speed controllers to existing AC fans
  • Addition of Inverter drives
  • Scheduling by date, time or temperature

BMS & Supervisory Optimization

Qey offer BMS & Supervisory devices that can oversee multiple HVAC equipment and operate them in an energy efficient manner.

Energy can often be saved by just adding existing plant to a supervisory system, whereby any user can see an overview of the equipment on one single screen and spot conditions or setpoints that may be incorrect or inefficient. These parameters may not be easy to spot by just observing the equipment’s on-board terminal or display

Visual graphs and tables can be created on the supplied device to see the energy usage throughout the day and spot when loads increase and decrease. This allows the user to initiate certain schedules and commands to suit their installation.

For instance, setpoints can then be set to automatically be adjusted when personnel are not using the space or when IT load decreases.

Qey work with Carel to provide bespoke but easy and affordable BMS & Supervisory packages that can be added to any existing equipment.