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Using our own in-house experienced team with project references in Europe and the Middle East, allows us to offer affordable design and build solutions to our customers, from concept to completion

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Full HVAC Design Solutions

Our in-house design team have the expertise and experience to design any kind of HVAC installation from concept to working solution.

The Full HVAC Design package enables the client to use the supplied design documents and drawings to confidently go to market to deliver the requirement to correct standards and desired outcome.

Pipework and Ducting Design

Pipework and ducting designs can be conducted with drawings supplied to ensure correct installation of the system is conducted.

This can often be useful for consultants or contractors requiring a quick turnaround for designs or a second opinion on their current design.

Heat Load Calculations

Heat load calculations involve much more than basic rule of thumb for standard HVAC applications. We provide full and comprehensive heat load calculations for rooms and plant which take into consideration solar gains, ambient temperatures, operating times, occupancy rates, electrical equipment and latent loads.

A comprehensive report is supplied that can be kept through the whole design process.

This can often be a quick and affordable turnaround enabling the client to confidently size the capacity of the equipment for their design.

Overview of existing designs

An overview of existing designs can often be useful for end users with older equipment and systems that maybe thinking of replacing, upgrading, retrofitting or simply reviewing their installations.

Advice can be given for all aspects of the installation such as:

  • Pipe and duct sizing analysis
  • New international and local standards advice
  • Equipment capacity sizes
  • Advisory steps dependant of client’s requirements
  • Maintenance practises

Reports, schematics and drawings will be provided upon completion.

Basic conceptual design

Basic concept designs include creation of basic schematics and drawings according to the clients request and can offer an affordable solution to simple installations.

These basic concepts can be used to deliver projects that don’t require any complicated equipment or control strategy. The package can be enough to go to the market and get the correct solution applied and can be the difference between a delayed incorrect applied project and an on-time successful project.

This is an affordable solution and can often be provided remotely without site visits with a quick turnaround.