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The Controls division partner with Carel to supply the highest but affordable grade of microprocessors and supervisory systems to suit customer needs

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Remote Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring solutions allow users and operators to oversee their HVAC equipment from any location that is either connected to the internet, or has access to the same internal network.

Remote messages and warnings can be sent to the user (or directly to Qey, if a Maintenance contract exists) and an overview of the whole plant room can be viewed on a mobile device, whilst working away from the actual equipment location.

We work with Carel to offer full design, supply & installation packages to introduce Remote Monitoring solutions by supplying extra sensors, input/output controllers and energy monitors that allow a full overview of the plant installation.

Air Handling Unit Controls

Often, older AHU installations were designed and supplied with simple controls without the ability to overview the whole system. Now, Controls are much more advanced and our control solutions can be retrofitted to existing AHU installations.

For new AHU installations, we are able to offer a full control panel with included microprocessor and display, to operate AHU’s in a standard or bespoke manner.

If non-standard control is required, we can design, customize and develop the control strategy to suit the installation.

Electrical Panel Build

Qey supply full electrical panel design and build services from the Middle East or from Europe.

This can be standalone panels for existing equipment or incorporated into a full turnkey package for the other Qey divisions such as Energy upgrades.