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About Qey

Operating four divisions, Qey are a HVAC solutions company based in Dubai, UAE.

We cover all areas of air conditioning and refrigeration, including energy retrofit services of AHUs, Chillers, CCUs and more.

With extensive knowledge and experience, Qey specialize in business-critical environments, with applications ranging from server rooms, data centers, hotels, hospitals and factories

Qey also work with reputable manufacturers and partners from around the world to provide modern, energy-efficient HVAC products to the UAE and the Middle East.

Qey Divisions


The Air division offer solutions for all air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and applications and offer...



The Energy division operates with a simple mission; To save energy and operating cost on your existing HVAC equipment...



The Controls division supplies, installs, develops and commissions all types of control products for any HVAC equipment...



Our Design team offers complete design solutions to suit your HVAC project. We can also incorporate...


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